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“The poems of Lucy Day’s The Book of Answers posit the responses of a gentle, intelligent universe to the questions of a kaleidoscopic—and poetic—imagination. These poems are as delicate as rain and as lasting as redwoods. Let them be your companion late at night or on a dawn walk along your favorite paths.”
— David St. John

“These elegant lyrics are at once cosmic and personal, vignettes posing questions (If I Am Outside Myself After Midnight, Is There a Way to Break In?) and responding with ‘inner songs,’ provocative answers to provocative questions…the work as a whole arising as much from gifted imagination as from gifted attention to natural phenomena.”
— Robert Sward

“In these scintillating poems Lucy Day’s answers are as quirky and provocative as her questions, and while they leave the mysteries of the universe blissfully intact, they also remind us how often love’s own fulcrum keeps creating new tipping points of grace.”
— Susan Gubernat

If the Poem Is Broken, How Can the Sunflowers Breathe?

They can’t. The desert sunflower,
the slender sunflower,
Nutall’s sunflower,
the Kansas sunflower
and the California sunflower
will all hang their heads.
Stomata will close
on diamond-shaped,
lancelike, and oval leaves.
You must help me keep
the poem intact
to let the sunflowers breathe.

Lucille Lang Day

From The Book of Answers, first published in Brevities