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Lucille Lang DayWriter and poet Lucille Lang Day was born in Oakland, California, and grew up in Oakland and nearby Piedmont.

Her memoir, Married at Fourteen: A True Story, received a PEN Oakland/Josephine Miles Literary Award and was a finalist for the Northern California Book Award in Creative Nonfiction. Her other books include eleven poetry collections and chapbooks, two children’s books, and three books on science education. She has also coedited two poetry anthologies and has published fiction, essays, book reviews, science journalism, feature articles, and research papers. Her work has appeared widely in newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. Her new anthology, Poetry and Science: Writing Our Way to Discovery, was published by Scarlet Tanager Books in November 2021.

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Latest Book: Poetry & Science: Writing Our Way To Discovery

Poetry & Science

By bringing science into poetry, we open the possibility of discovering new forms and philosophies of poetry, new perspectives on our relationship to the Earth and our place in the universe, and even new scientific insights. In Poetry and Science: Writing Our Way to Discovery, five women poets—Elizabeth BradfieldLucille Lang Day, Alison Hawthorne DemingAnn Fisher-Wirth, and Allison Adelle Hedge Coke—discuss the many possibilities for discovery that arise from the union of poetry and science.

“It is a privilege to sing the praises of Poetry and Science: Writing Our Way to Discovery. Five women poets discuss the thrilling connections between poetry and science in their poetry and lives and give the reader ample examples from their work and that of others. The curiosity of these poets is contagious, and reading the poems is a joy. On our threatened, hurting planet, connecting with science and poetry has never been more essential.”
— Elizabeth J. Coleman, editor of HERE: Poems for the Planet

Poetry & Science: Writing Our Way To Discovery


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