Lucille Lang Day

Lucy’s short stories, creative nonfiction, essays, feature articles, and book reviews have appeared in such magazines as California Monthly, California Quarterly, Calyx, Earth Island Journal, Eclipse, Geo, The Hudson Review, Passages North, Pennsylvania English, Perihelion, Poetry Flash, Psychological Perspectives, Rain City Review, Soundings East, Waccamaw, Westview and Willow Review. Her work has also appeared in Research Resources Reporter (National Institutes of Health), Mosaic (National Science Foundation), and Science Year (World Book Encyclopedia).

With Joan Skolnick and Carol Langbort, she co-authored How to Encourage Girls in Math and Science, a book that provides parents and educators with strategies and activities to encourage elementary-through-middle-school girls in math and science. As co-director of the NIH-sponsored project Health and Biomedical Science for a Diverse Community, she edited the SEEK: Science Exploration, Excitement and Knowledge curriculum and Family Health Festival books.

Lucy’s book-length memoir, eight chapters of which were published in literary magazines, appeared from Heyday in 2012: Married at Fourteen: A True Story

In 2021 she edited Poetry and Science: Writing Our Way to Discovery, an anthology of poetry and essays: Poetry and Science





Essays and Guest Blogs

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“Lucille Lang Day’s Married at Fourteen: A True Story

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Earth Island Journal
“Looking Closely,” Dear Specimen, by W. J. Herbert, reviewed by Lucille Lang Day

“Paintings, Poems, and Prayer,” Inner East, by Marcia Falk, reviewed by Lucille Lang Day

Poetry Flash
“Phrases Lost and Found,” The Takeaway Bin: Poems, by Toni Mirosevich, reviewed by Lucille Lang Day
“A Poetry of Compassion,” At Work on the Garments of Refuge, by Daniel Marlin and Ralph Dranow, reviewed by Lucille Lang Day

“Floret/Phosphor/Bird/Water/Light,” The Amateur Scientist’s Notebook: Poems, by Jesse DeLong, reviewed by Lucille Lang Day

Talking Writing
“Jan Steckel’s Skeletons,” The Horizontal Poet, by Jan Steckel, reviewed by Lucille Lang Day

Creative Nonfiction

Ghost Town
“Cousin Jan”

Poetry Flash
“To Be a Poet”

Psychological Perspectives
“All Life Is a Circle: Poetry and the Search for My Native American Roots”

Waccamaw: A Journal of Contemporary Literature
“Poet as Scientist”

Short Stories

Amarillo Bay
“Ordinary Behavior”

“The Girl at Ocean Beach”

Green Hills Literary Lantern
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Serving House: A Journal of Literary Arts
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