Prose / How to Encourage Girls in Math & Science

This practical, informative book explains how teachers and parents can help girls develop the skills and confidence to pursue a full range of interests and careers in math and science. How to Encourage Girls in Math and Science reveals how sex-role socialization—adult expectations, early childhood practices, toys and games—influences a child’s skill development and attitudes toward learning. It provides specific strategies and activities that you can use to improve girls’ problem-solving skills and build trust in their intellectual abilities.

Aimed and kindergarten through eighth-grade children, How to Encourage Girls in Math and Science offers teachers and parents a wealth of material that encourages learning—and enjoyment—of math and science. The book explains:

• how to build on girls’ verbal and interpersonal skills in learning math and science

• why girls and boys in the same classroom can learn different lessons

• how to help girls develop spatial skills

• how to help girls become scientific investigators

• why more girls come to view failure as a result of innate inability

• how to build confidence and reduce learning anxiety

• how to improve a girl’s logical reasoning ability and understanding of numbers

• and much more