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The GOLD Invitational
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Now available from Kattywompus Press

Music lovers have purchased Greatest Hits from the music industry for decades and now Kattywompus Press brings you the poets’ hits from the contemporary American literary landscape. The poems most often requested for reprint or performance, the pieces remembered most by their fans and groupies. Yes! —poets have groupies, too!

From academic poets to community and street poets—the Greatest Hits series provides the top 12 hottest numbers from some of the hottest poets in the country.

The Greatest Hits invitational celebrates poetry’s place in our culture and honors the artists whose lines elevate America’s poetic sensitivities. Check out the Kattywompus website at www.kattywompuspress.com for the latest Greatest Hits available. And watch for readings and performances nationwide by Lucille Lang Day and her fellow poets featured in GOLD.


Dance defines movement:
this is how fish
flit and dip in blue light
lacing kelp blades,
a quiver of spines.

And this is how starfish
watched by stalk-eyed crabs
consume the slow urchins.
Anemones open and close
like green hearts; sea worms
roll in the waves.

Watch now, the sea
lifts from its shell-bowl.
The galaxies expand.
Even in the egg slime
four-horned chromosomes
leap, then recede like stars.

Lucille Lang Day

From Lucille Lang Day: Greatest Hits,
1975-2000, first published in Contemporary
Women Poets (Merlin Press)