Poetry / Greatest Hits

The GOLD Invitational
Founded Pudding House Publications
Now available from Jacar Press

Music lovers have purchased Greatest Hits from the music industry for decades. The Greatest Hits Series in poetry was founded by Jennifer Bosveld of Pudding House Publications in 2000 to bring you the poets’ hits from the contemporary American literary landscape. The poems most often requested for reprint or performance, the pieces remembered most by their fans and groupies. Yes! Poets have groupies, too!

From academic poets to community and street poets—the Greatest Hits series provides the top 12 hottest numbers from some of the hottest poets in the country.

The Greatest Hits invitational celebrates poetry’s place in our culture and honors the artists whose lines elevate America’s poetic sensitivities. The Greatest Hits Series was taken over by Kattywampus Press in 2010 and acquired by Jacar Press in 2017. See Jacar Press Greatest Hits. Most of the original titles are now out of print, but Jacar Press is making the series new!