Poetry / The Curvature of Blue

“Intelligence enjoying itself, awareness at play, attentiveness dancing through life’s minefields:  smiling at itself in its new black car (‘Nor have I shunned onyx jewelry.  That would be foolish’). Lucille Lang Day will at first glance make you smile and smile again.  Then, with her scientist’s mind, her woman’s heart, her pain at injustice and evil, and her poet’s eye and ear, she will carry you ‘through the mountains and canyons of space-time’ to a fuller humanity. The Curvature of Blue is a wonderful book and I feel lucky to have read it.”
— Alicia Suskin Ostriker

“In Lucille Lang Day’s poems, stunning transformations of language cross the placenta barrier between the worlds of science and human emotion. She thinks and feels in color, enabling us to inhabit the complexity of the universe—as experienced at breakfast with a lover, in the wild with caribou, or in meditations on acts of historical horror—all made radiant by her lyric gifts and wisdom.”
— Teresa Cader

“Is the sky blue? Day’s poems paint it a hundred different ways, full of geometry and change, structure and feeling, as plangent as a sunset, as secret as an electromagnetic field. Divine love holds the physical parts together, even as human love and its marvelous stories are the substance of our lives. Here are witty, intelligent, affectionate poems making grand, skeptical comparisons and painting us and our shadows in brilliant colors—perfect poems for our time.”
— F.D.Reeve