Poetry / Wild One

“In Lucille Day’s Wild One we are invited to ride shotgun as we travel and witness the full arc of a life from our window seat. From this vantage point we often see a woman skating the dangerous edge of what is allowed by the culture. We sense the need for a life where there is risk involved, and with that risk the possibility of feeling alive. Day writes eloquently about our engagements with the physical world, celebrating our earthly existence.”
—Toni Mirosevich, author of The Rooms We Make Our Own

“Few books of poems have the sheer narrative intensity of Lucille Day’s Wild One. It sweeps the reader up like a powerful coming-of-age novel—half hilarious, half heartbreaking—but always with the sharp lyric edge of genuine poetry.”
—Dana Gioia, author of Can Poetry Matter?

“I do not, ever, assume that the narrator of a poem is anything like the poet, but I wanted it to be so. I wanted the vivacious, intelligent, sprightly narrators of Lucille Day’s Wild One to be so. The overriding image is that of a woman of the twentieth century, who probably laughs to herself every time she hears the word ‘coping.'”
—Daniel J. Langton, author of Life Forms

“No one writes poems quite like Lucille Day’s—sharp-edged, witty, ironic poems; laugh-out-loud funny poems; startling, disquieting, slightly sinister poems; gorgeously wrought, lyrical poems. With a unique combination of gifts—including the precision of a mathematician, a botanist’s powers of observation, the memoirist’s eye for the critical detail—Day captures the moment midair and pins it to the page. Wild One is a wonderful collection of those moments.”
—Marcia Falk, author of The Book of Blessings